Tuesday, December 7, 2010


                     Salam n halloooo..dh lame sgtla ila xupdate blog ila nih..hehe..cian dye terbiar….tonite,I would like to reveal the other part of my life..instead of playing role as a ‘diva’ n girlish kind of girl, there are several things yg mnjadi minat ila remy…huhuhu…JENG JENG JENG….it is CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS ..hehehe…
                              Pastinye bile sebut je pasal chinese martial arts, mesti everybody akan ingt pd mendiang BRUCE LEE..owh god! I admire him a lot…huhu…BRUCE LEE or his born name LEE JUN FAN was born on November 27,1940 at Chinese Hospital in San Francisco..Bruce Lee mula menuntut seni bela diri WING CHUN under his teacher YIP MAN when he was 13,after he lost in a fight. BRUCE LEE is also the founder of JEET KUNE DO. Ape yg m’buatkn ila kagum pd Bruce Lee is that die hanye acts in 5 action films but then, die mnjadi seorg legenda dlm chinese martial arts ni.. one day,I watched NATGEO, a documentary about bruce lee titled: “HOW BRUCE LEE CHANGED THE WORLD”. As we can see,dri dlu up till now,eventhough BRUCE LEE dh lame tinggalkn kite semua, but his arts, name and talent is still shining. Selepas kematian BRUCE LEE, on July27,1973 caused by CEREBRAL EDEMA, there r so many actors who tried to be the NEXT BRUCE. Unfortunately, only some of them yang betul2 brjaya mncipta nama, for example SAMMO HUNG, JACKIE CHAN,DONNIE YEN n so on.
                              Recently,my current favourite MARTIAL ARTS HERO is DONNIE YEN who acts in YIP MAN,which boosts his name. I LOVE DONNIE YEN because he look so coolin fighting especially time dia guard himself from fists…oowhh godd!!..n I love his abs so much..heeeeeheeee..its a nice shape of SIX PACKS! ..n guess what,I selalu watch bruce lee’s in his film,ENTER THE DRAGON, and donnie yen in YIP MAN & YIP MAN 2. Hahaha….ok,that’s all for this entry….i wanna watch yip man in my lappy…hehe..so,TOODLES! (WITH LOVE,ILA REMY)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~Andaiku Kau Peduli~

Setelahku Kau terima,
Aku diabai tanpa kasih,
Aku disia tanpa sayang,
Andaiku kau peduli...

Setelah aku diabai,
Jiwaku kosong,hatiku sunyi!
Inikah yag harus ku terima?!
Atas segala cinta yang ku tabur untukmu?
Andaiku kau peduli...

Setelah aku disia,
Teralih pandanganku pada yang membahagia,
Terbelok jiwwaku pada yang menerima,
Andaiku kau peduli...

Sepinya hati ini,sayang!
Kosongnya jiwa ini,sayang!
Kembalikanlah kasihmu!
Andaiku kau hargai...
ANDAIKU KAU PEDULI......credit to my only saranghae(you know who)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hari Ulangtahun Yg Penuh Bermakne (9Julai2010)


Ehem…ehemm…hari ulangtahun ila dh lame b’lalu..cume belum ade mse nk update blog…ok let me begin my story…this cute pink cat named sasha is the most special birthday gift for me this year…memangla xmahal pon…but, ‘surprise birthday’ tu yg paling mahal(bermakna)…this guy memang suke buat kejutan untuk ila..n yg paling best mae birthday ni la…emm..die ni bley dikatekan sbg org yg admire ila…so,he will to sacrifice for me..pd mlm hari jadi ila 2, die call ila ajak g ECMkuantan, then ila said ok la…kite pegi mkn kt black canyon coz die taw ila suke sgt mkn kt situ…unfortunately, ila tgk table dh pnuh, but then die kate xpe,msuk je...ok fine,ila ikut..rupe2nye die dh reserve 1 meja,’table for 2’ utk kite bdue…huhu..tkjut ila…hahaha…then,right after mkn, suddenly ade sorg waiter bwk 2 cup of tiramisu espresso…dlm hati ila “eh, ni bukan starbucks punye ke”…wah,tibe2 die send cake 2 kt table kitorang ae…huhu..tersipu2 malu lak ila time 2…hihihi…rupe2 nye that guy dh bli dlu cake 2 kt starbucks n suh pihak black canyon tlg simpankn utk ila…that is not all, then kite pegi level atas, lalu kt memory lane….suddenly,die tarik tgn ila!! Err..knape ni…rupenye, die nk blikan sasha pink yg cute ni untuk ila…yg paling beessssaaarrr…huhu…..ila rse best sgt mlm 2 n appreciate ape yg dat guy had done for me… thank u ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~Of the Cute Little Pony’s Tale~
He said…
There was a cute little pony running at the field
He said…
The cute little pony jumping up and down happily at the field
He said…
The cute little pony was amazed by colorful flowers around the field
However, he said…
Suddenly the little pony slipped into a muddy
The little pony felt sad, cried
Half of its body covered by mud
With the squelching sound caused by mud
The cute little pony went to the nearest pond
Clean itself, rubbed itself
He said…
The little pony felt very happy as it looks pretty, clean, shine again
He said…
As I expected, the cute little pony will come back to me like the beginning
And I will shower it with things that can pamper her and see her grow as perfect as she can be
He said…
The cute little pony varnished his emptiness
And he hope that their happiness will ever last

Sunday, April 18, 2010

…Kekasih Mayaku…
Tak pernah ku terduga
Bersua kita di laman maya
Tika sepi meruntun jiwa
Tika pilu menghias rasa…

Kau hadir tika ini
Bagai tabib penyembuh luka
Penyeri hati ini
Kau sisih duka dan lara

Wujudmu menerbitkan rasa itu
Kau menyemai rasa itu

Harapan itu bertandang lagi
Cinta itu berputik lagi
Ku harap kau mengerti
Ku harap kau fahami

Kekasih mayaku
                                                   Hatiku kini milikmu…

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Best Magnae

The best magnae

Real Name: 조규현 Cho Kyuhyun
Stage Name: 규현 Kyuhyun
Chinese Name: 奎賢 Kui Xian
Date of Birth: February 3, 1988
Height: 180 cm
Casting: Chin Chin Singing Competition, 3rd place
First Appearance: “New Single Jacket Photoshoot” – news on television.
·        Kyuhyun  appear more mature then some of his hyungs like Donghae or  Eunhyuk or Ryeowook.
·        Sometimes he is a lil bit ‘straight to da point’ when he was talking about his hyungs. > in one of the game show,he some kind like attacking his hyungs,and the victims are:
1) Donghae: kyuhyun said that donghae look like a main character of manga, however after knowing him, HIE IS NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL…lol
2) Yehsung : he showed some signs that denying yehsung’s comment about yehsung’s habbit of touching the member’s philtrums.

·        Kyuhyun seems like to be love and have attention from the hyungs…. As in the intimate note show, he  say to each of the hyungs (kangin,sungmin,heechul,eunhyuk) to stick with him….lol…his note is so cute and funny….

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SARANGHAE!!!....My Beloved Namja~...

Real Name: 김기범 Kim Kibum

Stage Name: 기범 Kibum

Chinese Name: 基范 Qi Fan

Date of Birth: August 21, 1987

Height: 177 cm

Casting: Starlight Casting System 2002

First Appearance: April 2004, KBS “April Kiss” TV Series

religion: christian

blood: A

languages learned: korean,a little english


Kim Kibum was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to Santa Monica, California, United States at the mere age of ten, where he attended middle school and Santa Monica High School. It was not until several years later when he was discovered by a talent agent from South Korea and was recommended to audition for the Starlight Casting System 2002. Kibum soon signed under SM Entertainment and became their official trainee, being trained in areas of singing, acting, dancing, and other performing talents.

Kim's first official appearance and debut was on April 21, 2004 when he appeared on a Korean television drama April Kiss. A year later in February 2005, his talent agency announced that Kim would make a second debut as a singer, being a member of the large all-boy group Super Junior. Before the group's debut Kim starred as the first male lead in Sharp 2, alongside Go Ara and fellow Super Junior member Kim Heechul. Super Junior made their official debut on November 6, 2005, in SBS's Popular Songs, performing their first single, "TWINS (Knock Out)". Kim is known for his English rapping ability in the group and remains as one of the lead rappers of Super Junior. As Kim's activities with Super Junior began to occupy most of his schedule, he was only given a small role in Marrying a Millionaire, playing the young Kim Young-hoon. However he soon starred in Rainbow Romance as the lead actor for 243 episodes along with Kim Heechul. During the fall of 2006, he reunited with Go Ara once again to star in the SBS drama Snow Flower.

Aside from acting and singing activities, Kim is seen participating in runway modelling and appearing in advertisements for KTF, C&C phone, NF Sonata, OLIVE, My Chew, Ottogi Noddle with bandmate Kim Heechul and co-star Go Ara, and Elite Uniform with his SM senior BoA. He is also seen in many other ads with fellow Rainbow Romance co-star, Ahyoomee.


2004: KBS – April Kiss (4월의 키스)

2005: KBS – Banolim 2 (반올림2)

2005: MBC – Rainbow Romance (레인보우 로망스)

2005: SBC – Marrying a Millionaire (백만장자와 결혼하기)

2006: SBC – Snow Flower (눈꽃)


2007: Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건)

Music video appearances

2005: "My Everything" – TSZX The Grace


C&C Phone (Korea)

Elite Uniforms (Korea)


IVY Club (Korea)

Ottogi Noodles (Korea)

My Chew (Korea)

KTF (Korea)


IVY Club (Korea)


12plus CFs


MNet TOP 100 Charming Guys Who are Single #19

MNet Top 100 Adorable Males (2006): #12

MNet Top 100 Must Have Males (2007): #11


Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Love Super Junior

this is super junior..the biggestboy band in the world...

there r 13 boys in the group....i really3x love this group...ARRGGGHHH...they all so handsome...and of course talented....however,nk love this band pon susah taw as someone restrict me from being the fan of this band...emmm..for those who already knew me, die tawla sape yg restrict i kn..huhu..but..do i care??????? i will love this band till they get married n i'll stop (hehe...kecewa la 2)...in this group...i love kibum the most...coz die unique sgt....emmm....let me put the top 5 of the guy that i love most in suju..

  1. kibum(sitting in the middle)

  2. kangin(standing 3rd from left)

  3. siwon(stand 3rd from right)

  4. hankyung(sitting right of kibum)

  5. e-teuk(stand 1st from right)

OMG!! they are so adorable......actually this font colour is related to suju's theme colour..suju choose saphire blue as their theme colour..thats y i write this post using this colour...huhu...no matter what , i akan continue mnat this group..xkirela sape pon nk restrict i..unless, u can be as adorable as them..(huhu..ouch!!)to end this post i would like to say


Friday, February 26, 2010

A hye from me....

hye...im lady mirallas and im new here..the purpose im here is to share some opinions, story, sadness, or happiness with all of you....sometimes, i think... we need share what we feel what we think to release some burden (hope so).......
i hope u can give me supports....