Tuesday, December 7, 2010


                     Salam n halloooo..dh lame sgtla ila xupdate blog ila nih..hehe..cian dye terbiar….tonite,I would like to reveal the other part of my life..instead of playing role as a ‘diva’ n girlish kind of girl, there are several things yg mnjadi minat ila remy…huhuhu…JENG JENG JENG….it is CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS ..hehehe…
                              Pastinye bile sebut je pasal chinese martial arts, mesti everybody akan ingt pd mendiang BRUCE LEE..owh god! I admire him a lot…huhu…BRUCE LEE or his born name LEE JUN FAN was born on November 27,1940 at Chinese Hospital in San Francisco..Bruce Lee mula menuntut seni bela diri WING CHUN under his teacher YIP MAN when he was 13,after he lost in a fight. BRUCE LEE is also the founder of JEET KUNE DO. Ape yg m’buatkn ila kagum pd Bruce Lee is that die hanye acts in 5 action films but then, die mnjadi seorg legenda dlm chinese martial arts ni.. one day,I watched NATGEO, a documentary about bruce lee titled: “HOW BRUCE LEE CHANGED THE WORLD”. As we can see,dri dlu up till now,eventhough BRUCE LEE dh lame tinggalkn kite semua, but his arts, name and talent is still shining. Selepas kematian BRUCE LEE, on July27,1973 caused by CEREBRAL EDEMA, there r so many actors who tried to be the NEXT BRUCE. Unfortunately, only some of them yang betul2 brjaya mncipta nama, for example SAMMO HUNG, JACKIE CHAN,DONNIE YEN n so on.
                              Recently,my current favourite MARTIAL ARTS HERO is DONNIE YEN who acts in YIP MAN,which boosts his name. I LOVE DONNIE YEN because he look so coolin fighting especially time dia guard himself from fists…oowhh godd!!..n I love his abs so much..heeeeeheeee..its a nice shape of SIX PACKS! ..n guess what,I selalu watch bruce lee’s in his film,ENTER THE DRAGON, and donnie yen in YIP MAN & YIP MAN 2. Hahaha….ok,that’s all for this entry….i wanna watch yip man in my lappy…hehe..so,TOODLES! (WITH LOVE,ILA REMY)