Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Love Super Junior

this is super junior..the biggestboy band in the world...

there r 13 boys in the group....i really3x love this group...ARRGGGHHH...they all so handsome...and of course talented....however,nk love this band pon susah taw as someone restrict me from being the fan of this band...emmm..for those who already knew me, die tawla sape yg restrict i i care??????? i will love this band till they get married n i'll stop (hehe...kecewa la 2) this group...i love kibum the most...coz die unique sgt....emmm....let me put the top 5 of the guy that i love most in suju..

  1. kibum(sitting in the middle)

  2. kangin(standing 3rd from left)

  3. siwon(stand 3rd from right)

  4. hankyung(sitting right of kibum)

  5. e-teuk(stand 1st from right)

OMG!! they are so adorable......actually this font colour is related to suju's theme colour..suju choose saphire blue as their theme colour..thats y i write this post using this matter what , i akan continue mnat this group..xkirela sape pon nk restrict i..unless, u can be as adorable as them..(huhu..ouch!!)to end this post i would like to say


Friday, February 26, 2010

A hye from me.... lady mirallas and im new here..the purpose im here is to share some opinions, story, sadness, or happiness with all of you....sometimes, i think... we need share what we feel what we think to release some burden (hope so).......
i hope u can give me supports....