Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Review

                 Last night, i went to watch the dark knight rises with my housemate. i was so excited to watch this movie as i love batman (by christian bale, not the 90's version) so much. 
                    What i can say about this movie is, it is worth it! worth my time, my money spent, n my energy to react of course...something that i learn from this movie is, do not trust anyone so likely. Even if she or he is so close to you, and do good things to you...gaahh!
                            i enter the hall at 9.15 pm and the movie ends at 12.00 something..woooww, i was amazed..i love it when an epic movie like this, is a long show. 
                            Now, i cant wait for the next batman movie, with the appearance of new potential character, ROBIN...haahahaha!

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